Method - Half-full Creative
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How we work with you

You talk, we listen.

Together we’ll crack it.

At HFC, we believe that you are a vital part of the creative team

  • Partners, not clients
  • Tight teams + a close relationship = great work
  • 2 Ears: 1 Mouth – we listen more than we talk
  • No egos – an idea can come from anywhere

How we get to know you

Intelligence and insight open the door

Our planners’ intelligence and experience bring one of marketing’s ‘Dark Arts’ into the light.

  • Use first-hand research to gather information
  • Analyse the information to tease out insights
  • Use insights to define clear, single-minded propositions
  • Communicate everything in plain English, not ‘Planner-speak’

How we work

Small teams, big talent:

the key to great solutions

They say seniority brings its own rewards: they’re right

  • Experienced, talented staff bring breadth and depth
  • 3 is the magic number: 2 Creatives, 1 Project Manager
  • Quick decisions – speedy execution, smooth, steady progress

Our commercials

Menu pricing. Easier bean counting.

Like everything else at HFC, our pricing system is startlingly simple

  • Agreed retainer or transparent, pay-as-you-go structure, or both
  • Maximise budgetary control and accountability